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Self Design Villas

Sunset Homes construction and development have been commissioned to build a number of bespoke villas at different locations of Aegean cost. We have a building and renovation team, who can either build your house to order or renovate an existing property.

Due to advances in technology our locally based offices (in Europe & Turkey) can deal with your requirements first hand, including:

  • Finding a suitable plot
  • Arranging the purchase
  • Processing the Government checks      
  • Locating an architect
  • Gaining the required Government approval

Our traditional construction engineers and finishing teams can complete the task from the bare plot, foundations, building through to the interior, creating your home under your/our instructions (subject to local materials and government requirements and regulations).

Completion time can be from 6 to 14 months subject to building location and size. The location of the plot can be chosen from existing complexes or can be one of the various plots of land up for sale.

The design of the new property can be discussed with our friendly architect team to design the property with your requirements. Alternatively you can decide to personalise one of the existing designs we have already built. There is no limit to creativity, all you need is to have a vision in mind of your perfect property. (planning regulations apply). Quality of the properties can be viewed from first hand on the viewing tour. The challenge is to create your own living space and explore the possibilities of vibrant design and practical conservation. With our assistance, you will be shown all the options available and explore the potential of blending the different cultural and architectural twists into their own design.

Payment Plan:
Our payment plan can be more flexible compared with other properties. The minimum deposit payment will be the plot price at the time and construction process. The construction process can be viewed from updated pictures before making any of the stage payments.

Plot-Size and Positioning:

The plot surrounding area can be viewed on the site map. There is the option of increasing the plot size. (Subject to plot location). Sunset Homes can offer plots with sea view, at the edge of the complex or similar personal requirements. However Sunset Homes cannot be build in green areas where there is no building permission or outside town borders (foreign residents purchase limitations.)

Technical Information (For Guidance Only):

Example planning regulations in Akbuk Area: Building permission 15%, maximum planning permission is 2 or 2,5 stories.

Example planning regulation in Altinkum Area: Building permission 40% maximum planning permission is 4 or 5 stories.

Property permissions: Building permission from Council, Army search (foreign residences), Council habitation permission (living permission). In some cases building permission can be granted without habitation certificate.

Click here to see locations for building self design Villas.

Some Of the Villas build by Sunset Homes.

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  • Helenia Design
  • Chadwick Design
  • Kelebek Design
  • Kelebek Design
  • Sunset Bungalow
  • Sunset Design
  • Sunset White Bungalow
  • Interior
  • Interior
  • Sunset Bungalow
  • Kelebek Design
  • Swimming Pool