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Property Renovation 


Helping you to capitalise on your investment is our main concern, whether it is through property renovation, refurbishment, building an extension, creating extra living space, building a swimming pool, painting, plastering. We have a building and renovation team, who can renovate your existing property. Due to the advances in technology our locally based offices (in Europe & Turkey) can deal with your requirements promptly and first hand.
Without any doubt, the way your property is perceived by people who are looking for accommodation determines whether you achieve the 'target rent' or ` target sale`  price you are asking for. By providing them with a high specification and professionally finished living space, they are far more likely to agree to the rent or to buy  Even if you're speculating at the lower end of the market, a cleanly finished interior makes a great difference and attracts a better quality tenant or buyer, and the more pleasing the interior and extrerior of your property is, the greater the likelihood is that your tenants or buyer will want to stay for a longer period before they make a move.
We can help you maximise your opportunities within the budget that you set, and you may be pleasantly surprised by just how much we can achieve given a reasonable budget to work with. We have many satisfied clients who are glad they spent their hard earned money to increase the chance of to rent or to sell their properties and who realised the desired return pon their investment. We will be more than happy to look at your property and share our ideas with you based on our many years of experience. Our initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Please contact us for more information & renovation services we provide