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Property in Turkey offers the best value for money. Turkey is significantly cheaper than any other popular European destinations but enjoys a high standard of living. Buying villas or apartments in Turkey has huge potential value growth for your investment. With its unspoilt natural beauty, wonderful weather and the friendliness of the local people, Turkey will mesmerise you.
There has been lots of growth in the area around Altinkum and Akbuk but the prices are still cheaper than other Turkish towns. When people are looking to purchase a property abroad, it is usually for 2 main reasons; Investment, holiday use or a combination of both. When deciding where and what to buy, you need to focus on two things; How do I want to make my money - from rentals or buying-selling? Is the property in a desirable location now and in the future?

Rental Income vs. Capital Appreciation

Approximate Rental Charges: Per Week, per Apartment is £200 low season and £250 - £300 high season per week. Per villa is £300 low season and £350 - £500 high season. Please visit our travel website ( for more information on our rental services.

The Agean Coast of Turkey is a highly desirable location for a holiday home. This secluded area is unspoilt by developments and has magnificent scenic views. It would suit for those looking for rest and relaxation in a private area - A Touch of Paradise Country Club provides high quality rental accommodation in this secluded location. Building restrictions ensure that the area will never become over developed and so the beauty and exclusivity of the area will remain.

Some properties will have more rental potential. Factors such as a new build, sea view, the location and facilities will make it easier to rent a property. 30 weeks rental per year might be a reasonable expectation. This should produce a net return of about 6% but also means that the property may be empty for 22 weeks per year. A secure development such as A Touch of Paradise Country Club means you do not need to be concerned about leaving it unattended.

Another issue is keeping the property in a rentable condition. You will need to organise and pay for some sort of property management in your absence. Sunset Homes can provide this. We can not only help you to rent your property, but also assist with maintenance, transfers, cleaning, payment of utility bills and many more services that you will mot have to worry about should you choose to use Sunset Homes' maintenance package.


Off-Plan Investment
When buying 'off plan' you get your property at around 25% below market value. The reason properties are offered initially at such a low price is to attract individuals who are in no hurry to take occupation but realise the significant savings of early purchasing. These early purchasers provide confidence in the project and financial security for the bank or the developer who provides the financing for the project. Construction starts with or without these early sales but of course quick sales at this stage enable the developer to make an increase in prices when construction begins. Prices generally go up in 10% increments during construction. Firstly when foundations are laid, secondly when brick work begins and finally during the later finishing stages.
* 2 bed unit priced from £35,000
* Amount paid during 8 months construction - £42,000 (20%)
* Property value increase during 8 months construction period - £50,400 (20%)

Plot/Land Investment

Plot of the land for investment proposes with very small amount. Statics show that land keeps its value at all times, sometimes increasing in price some places. (as much as 150% in one year.) The land can be also used for building purposes in the future (planning regulations apply), property price increasing will not affect the building cost compared with other similar properties in the area, as the building on the plot has already been purchased. The only difference will be the construction cost of the property. The land can be held for investment for years before building a property on it, at the most of the locations. (some plots maintenance fees apply.) Click here to see some of the available locations where you can purchase plot/land.
(This information is for guidance use only and contains information believed to be correct at the time of posting, however cannot be used as any part of contract)