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Q1: Who can buy property in Turkey?

Foreign nationals have been able to purchase property in Turkey since 2002/2003. Recent law amendments also allow foreigners to buy in more locations, which were previously out of bounds.

Q2: What are a Sales Contract and a Title Deed? I have heard about a Tapu, what is it?

The Title Deed is the legal document of ownership of the property and the most important document in the whole process. The Turkish name for this document is "Tapu Senedi," hence the Tapu you may have heard about. Once the property is sold, the title deeds are transferred from the seller to the buyer and that concludes the sale. If there are any restrictions on the property they will be itemised in the title deeds. Therefore it is very important for the solicitor to check the deeds carefully before recommending that the sale proceed. You can also ask to have restrictions placed on the deeds once transferred to you if you wish.

Q3: What documents do I need to buy my property in Turkey?

The only documents you will need to provide personally to purchase your property are your passport and two recent passport sized photographs.

Once the Sales Contract is signed for, the documents needed for the Title Deeds office are;
The Title Deed of the property, a copy of your passport and two recent passport (4cm x 6cm) photos.

Q4: Who's name will the property be assigned to?

Your own name or anybody you would like to choose to have the property assigned to.

Q5: How will I sign official deed–papers if I can not fly over to Turkey at the time?

You can sign a paper at the notary giving your agent the right to a power of attorney.

Q6: Will the papers be in English?

Yes, in Turkey there is a legal recommendation that all property sales to foreign nationals are notarised by a government-authorised interpreter.

You will be provided with a written translation of the sales contract, also drawn up by the government-authorised interpreter. As the property purchased is in Turkey, the legal contract is in the original Turkish language.

Q7: Do I need to do a will for my property in Turkey?

Yes, this is advisable. Under Turkish Inheritance Law the inheritance of property by a foreign national is dependent on reciprocity between the two countries involved. As Turkish nationals can inherit property in the UK, UK citizens can also inherit property in Turkey. If you have no will, your next of kin will automatically inherit the property (usually your children). If you wish to leave your property to someone other than your next of kin, you should make a will in the UK specifying this.

Q8: Are the properties Freehold or Leasehold?

Almost all properties in Turkey are Freehold.

Q9: Is it cheaper to buy from a developer that builds their own properties?

When purchasing from Sunset Homes you do not have to pay the Estate Agents fee of 3% of the purchase price. And the developer (Sunset Homes) does not have to pay Estate Agency 3% commission.

Q10: I would want to rent out my property - How do I do this? Is there a demand for renting?

We can rent out your property for you and yes there is a high demand for properties to rent. Sunset Homes offers a full after sales service. Our Management Company can arrange rentals; provide property checks, airings, cleanings in between visits/rentals, pool maintenance, welcome packs for your visit, airport transfers and a lot more. We have a dedicated after sales and rental office in Altinkum, Turkey.

Q11: What extra costs should I budget for other than the purchase price of the property?

It is estimated that about 3% of the purchase price will cover everything. A Touch of Paradise Country Club purchase prices also include all legal costs.

Q12: Do you need a Solicitor?

Officially you do not need a Solicitor, as your Agent will usually do all of the conveyance. However, Solicitors are available for a cost of around £200 to £250.

Q13: Can you help me sell my property in Turkey?

Yes, Sunset Homes are also an Estate Agency and can help sell your property at which is our resale website. Sunset Homes has a further office in Bodrum that markets resale properties.

Q14: I have more questions and queries can you help me?

Yes, please do not hesitate to send us an email or call us from our contact details on the website.

Q15: What are the average residential running costs in Turkey?

  • Council tax - £50 per annum
  • Electricity - 10p per unit (average bill for a full-time resident is around £25 a month)
  • Water - 50p for 1000 litres (average bill £5 a month)
  • Gas - £15 per bottle (no mains gas here!) - this lasts about 3 months depending on usage
  • Telephone - £4 monthly charge plus 2p a unit (average bill £25 a month)
  • ADSL Internet Connection - from £14 a month
  • Digiturk Satellite TV package - from £10 a month
  • Depending on site there could be site maintenance fee
  • Annual property tax - 0.1% of the declared purchase price so the bill for a £80,000 villa would be £80