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When buying 'off-plan', you get your property at around 25% below market value.

The reason properties are offered initially at such a low price is to attract individuals who are in no hurry to take occupation but realise the significant savings of early purchasing. These early purchases provide confidence in the project and financial security for the bank or the developer who provides the financing for the project.

Construction starts with or without these early sales but of course quick sales at this stage enable the developer to make an increase in prices when constructions begin. Prices generally go up in 10% increments during construction. Firstly when foundations are laid, secondly when brick work begins and finally during the later finishing stages.

This increase amounts to 100% of the original investment. Costs such as legal fees, must be taken into account and the property will need to be sold at slightly below the market value to encourage a sale. Therefore a profit margin of 80% on an original investment is a realistic figure.

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